New Userland on Zipit Z2

After the issues with Apache beat me into submission, I put my Zipit on the shelf for a while to do some other projects. A friend pointed out that Hunter Davis had posted a link to a new Userland image for the Zipit. The pictures impressed me so I took the Zipit off the shelf and loaded up the new userland image. The image was created by SoundGuy, who did a great job on this. The new image is very nice and forms well to the Zipit’s screen size. The image boots right into X and it even has a shutdown script. Go here to download the new image.

This new image is starting to get me interested in trying to get Apache working on the Zipit again. I think there will be more to come…

1 thought on “New Userland on Zipit Z2

  1. i would love to see the zipit z2 running a web server and turn it into a web based home automation….. similar to this


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