Mail Noise: Making your email “noisy”

I released a new project that I started working on not too long ago.  This is a proof-of-concept of an idea that was produced by a good friend and colleague of mine.  I wrote the script for it and released it on Sourceforge (as I usually do).  The basic concept is to create “noise” in a user’s inbox by creating junk email produced by the user’s peers.  The idea is to make sure that legitimate email doesn’t get drowned out in the “noise”, but the email provider simply can not tell the difference between what is legitimate email and junk mail from a single user, thus making it difficult for the provider to read the user’s email or collect data from keywords in the email to use for the provider’s own purposes.

So, here’s how it works:  Mail Noise utilizes the boundary MIME value in the Content-Type header of an email.  The protocol uses a 40 character boundary value: First 8 characters = random, last 32 characters = MD5 hash of: PSK with peer, Random value (first 10 characters of boundary), To email address, From email address, and Subject of email address.

The script logs into the user’s inbox every 5 minutes (by default), and checks the unread messages.  It then proceeds to analyze messages from peers and runs them through a check to see if the email is truly a valid “noisy” email by applying the
same protocol.  If the email is “noisy”, the script marks the message as read.  If not, the script ignores the message.

Download it here.

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